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Deonte born in mythology, but making history today. In harmony with our founding principles, our winery’s name Deonte has its origins in Thracian mythology. Deonte was a disciple of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine responsible for the growth of vines in the spring, grape harvest and wine making.

At Deonte Wines our vision is to produce Australian wines of uncompromising quality and distinct character.  We understand the truly great wines are made in the vineyard and that the art of fine winemaking is to highlight the unique varietal expression of each grape variety.



Rachel Gore

With well over two decades of winemaking and viticulture experience Rachel Gore is a knowledgeable and qualified caretaker of Deonte Wines. Growing up in South Australia, the heart of the Australian wine country, Rachel always had an affinity with the land, leading her to develop a great passion for regionality and making wines that are always the truest expression of place. Rachel left university to travel the world - honing her skills in both winemaking and viticulture from the USA to Europe and New Zealand. The addition of Rachel to the team at Deonte Wines has been an inspiring one and marks a new and exciting chapter for the company.  Her commitment to encouraging a strong spirit of passion, enthusiasm and a desire for quality can be seen in all her wines. Through wine judging, wine writing and a deep understanding of the fundamentals of winemaking from vineyard to bottle, she is truly committed to forward progression and the pursuit of excellence.

Dedicated Winemaking


Our winemaking philosphy is to respect the varietal characteristics of the fruit to create individually expressive regional wines.  Winemaking techniques are utilised to enhance varietal aromas, textures and flavours to produce wines of the highest quality that possess colour, character and longevity.

Wine has been a way of life in Barossa since 1842. Fast forward to today, and Barossa is home to more than 550 grape growing families, many with the sixth generation still working the same plot of land, supplying quality grapes to more than 170 wine companies.

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Yarra Valley Vineyard


The world’s great wines evoke a sense of place and tell a story of the land, the season and the grape. The Yarra River has meandered its way through the hills of the wine region for many thousands of years and the unique landscape and terrain have created a vast array of growing sites for outstanding cool climate wines.