Our wine labels are paintings from local artists. Deonte Wines proudly support local artists.


Meg Lewer grew up in Brewarrina, a small town, on the banks of the Barwon River and home to the 40,000 year old Aboriginal Fish traps.  Now residing on the Central Coast, she is a full time artist, working predominately with Alcohol Inks, which are acid free, fast drying, transparent and spirit based.  Each painting is worked with a combination of small brush strokes and an interplay of the Inks running across the surface of the board.  Megs’ subjects change from week to week but the overriding force involves colour and the visual delight it brings to so many subjects.   Hovering between Realism and Abstraction, her paintings throb with the movement and richness she finds in the shadows and reflections of our landscape.

FIELD OF DREAMS(01-25-10-20-29).jpg
Mixed Bunch(01-25-10-21-46).JPG
Winding through (01-25-10-20-34).jpg
Green Moon Tonig(01-25-10-20-27).jpg
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Peter Kownacki studied fine art in Warsaw, Poland. These days he lives in the green and leafy Sydney suburb of Five Dock. His passion for painting is matched by his passion for the Japanese martial art aikido – both walk the fine line between focus and relaxation. He says, “The more accidental a brush stroke the better, and yet it has to be in a controlled way. My painting is good only when on the edge of something real and unreal, not too far one way or the other”.

The painting “Poppies” featured on the 2013 Deonte ‘Estate 230’ Barossa Valley Sparkling Moscato wine label was created with acrylics on canvas. Someone once said; “This picture looks like it was painted with light” and I really like that comment.

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Robert Kendi is an artist and sculptor living and working in Eltham, on the edge of the Yarra Valley, North-East of Melbourne. His work is strongly influenced by the natural environment that surrounds him and by subconscious themes of childhood experiences. His artwork features recurring themes of landscapes that merge with dreamscapes and manifest into highly detailed works of colour and form. Robert’s images are multi-layered using ink as the medium and are influenced by pointillism and Australian indigenous culture. Sculptures are primarily in wood and stone.


The Deonte ‘Estate 550’ Coonawarra Merlot wine label features “The Siege of Troy”. The ancient world, for me in childhood, was the source for countless mental wanderings into alternate realities. Maybe because of the influence of Hollywood, the mental images of these wanderings, always seemed to take on epic proportions. What could be more epic than a vast enemy fleet appearing in a spectacular sunset.

The artwork featured on the 2012 Deonte ‘Estate 553’ Coonawarra Merlot Cabernet Shiraz wine label, “Moonrise” is a manisfestation of the magic of nature which becomes apparent when light diminishes or intensifies. The rising moon is especially haunting and stirs emotions that are usually absent from our everyday work experiences.

The Deonte 'Estate 502' Coonawarra / Yarra Valley Shiraz wine label featuring “Carpathian Moon” was inspired by childhood tales and subconscious images of mysterious mountain ranges. The layers go on and the story develops. Most of my artwork seems to be motivated by subconscious musings.

Below, please enjoy an exhibition of a selection of Robert’s fine artwork and sculptures.

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Anita Gerega is a Sydney based artist who has studied graphic arts at Champlain College, Lennoxville, the University of California, Santa Cruz and the International School of Colour and Design in Sydney. Her work is represented in collections and she has participated in solo and joint exhibitions in both North America and Australia.


Anita expresses her creativity whimsically with a variety of subjects and styles but with an ever present theme: her passion for vibrant colour, pattern, texture and form. Time spent living in the Central Australian indigenous community, Papunya, home of the Tula artists, has had an enduring and significant influence and continues to be of inspiration in Anita's paintings.

The Deonte ‘Estate 519’ Barossa Valley Shiraz wine label features the dramatically colourful oil painting “Patchwork Landscape” which is a spontaneous and fresh representation of fields of various crops in which Anita draws on the folk art and naïve styles of painting. The artwork featured on the Deonte ‘Estate 512’ Barossa Valley Shiraz Cabernet wine label, “The Two of Us”, is one of four oil paintings depicting the same scene, peopled by different characters and their canine companions. Influenced by the Expressionist movement, the series demonstrates the emotional transformation the use of vastly different colour schemes can produce. The Deonte 'Reserve 710' Barossa Valley Shiraz wine label features the abstract oil painting “Four Trees” painted as part of a collection of various representations of trees with inspiration drawn from Abstract Expressionism and the work of artists such as Kandinsky, Klee and Pollock.