This is a super-premium range of Deonte Wines made from selected sites in Victoria.  The first vintage is 2017.  The aim is to produce a style that expresses the individual regions and reflects the varietal and vintage characteristics.  New oak is used to enhance those characters in the wine whilst working seamlessly alongside the fruit flavours creating wines with freshness, balance and structure.



The Estate range is a premium collection of wines created using multiple hand selected parcels of wine that are specifically chosen and blended to produce complexity and interest. This series of wines show strength of colour, depth of flavour and structural definition.



The Reserve series of wines have been created for impact - bursting with concentrated fruit flavours, richness and syrupy palate persistence.
Speaking of regional varietal characteristics, these wines are supported by a strong influence of high quality oak that works alongside the big fruit flavours to create structural integrity, palate definition and a balanced persistence.